headshotBeth Ann Sweezer



email: bethannsweezer@gmail.com

hair: brown
eyes: brown

height: 5'3"
weight: 160lbs



The Great American Trailer Park Musical
The Reperatory East Playhouse
All My Sons Lydia S.E.T. Group
When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet
Juliet S.E.T. Group
Bible: The Complete Word of God; Abridged Reed The Upstart Crows
Rent Mrs. Cohen/Ensemble Santa Clarita Regional Theatre
Adventures of the Puppet Princess
GoPlung Looking Glass Theatre
Romeo & Juliet
Nurse/Fighter Hudson Shakespeare Co.
Pinocchio Blue Fairy
American Family Theater
Annie Lily St. Regis
C.C. Dinner Theater
The Tempest Francisco/Ceres RIRA
Crap/Last Page
Tracy Howling Moon Cab Company
In the Jar
Julie Theatre Rats
Life Is A Caberet
Betty Ann Ritzley
Street Light Ensemble
NY Renaissance Faire
Loud Meg
Renaissance Entertainment
Much Ado About Nothing
Margret AMDA
Nunsense Sister Mary Leo Canyon Theatre Guild


Ann’s Bad Day Lead Brooklyn College Student Film
War Lead Brooklyn College Student Film
Flimsy Toad Paper Co-Star Astro Saladino, Dir.
Doris’ Mouse Earrings Supporting Astro Saladino, Dir.
…Lost and Found… Supporting New School Student Film
The Port Huron Project Supporting Mark Tribe, Dir.
Music and Lyrics By… Supporting Castle Rock Inc


Turf Replacement Program Host Pasadena Water and Power
Water Conservation Host Pasadena Water and Power


Pretty Cure 5 - Pilot
Karen Winkler Productions
Zombrex - English Dub
Mary Winkler Productions
Glendale Adventist Medical Center
Commerical Lose 20 in '10
ACF Productions Narrator Website


Graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (NYC)
Acting: Rob McCaskill, Rob Rosnowski, Randolph Pearson, Daniel Cantor
Voice: Matt Gould, Jeanne Smith, Kris Feldman, Kristen Lee Rosenfeld, Mary Feeney
Musical Theatre: Phillip George, Jeffery Dunn, Thomas Morrissey, Chris Drobny, Barry Finkel, David Andrew Rogers, Eric Svejcar
Tap: Philip Schwadron, Mark Santoro, Rick Kerby, Casey Colgon
Jazz: Lindsay Chambers, Ramon Galindo, Mark Santoro
Ballet: Billy Johnstone, Leigh Webster, Ramon Galindo
Theatre Dance: Billy Johnstone, Mark Santoro
Broadsword and Knife Combat: Ricki Ravitts


Fine art (watercolor, oils, chalk pastel, drawing, etc.), published poet, Betty Boop and Ethel Merman impersonations, generic accents (British, Irish, Southern), Wookie noises, and works well with children.